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Beer, Atheism and Political potpourri

September 1, 2012

I thought I’d keep it relatively brief for the second blog in a row (still making up for the Mormon rant I guess) and share a collection of several items that may be of interest. These are all topics within the realm of craft beer and atheism, with the exception of the final bullet where I venture a bit into politics. Plus, it’s not all reading this week… There are a couple of videos and a nice chart that I hope you’ll like. Until next time, cheers and happy doubting!



  • Check out the fascinating map above showing the relative number of “beer” and “church” tweets by U.S. county. Click here to read the full story directly from its creators. If you are a fan of this blog, it probably goes without saying that you want to be blue, not red. Congratulations to San Francisco and Boston for being the two bluest cities. No wonder you guys are so cool! It would be interesting to re-do this thing after the elections in Nov. My intuition tells me there may be a correlation with voting patterns.
  • The White House has been home brewing beer using honey from its garden! And finally, after some pressure from home brewers such as myself, they’ve released the recipes. Click here for the recipes as published by The Atlantic.
  • I’ve created a new page on this blog site that defines the difference between the often confused terms “atheist” and “agnostic.” Click the tab above, or simply click here to read it. It’s pretty short, I promise.
  • For this item, you’ll only want to go to the link if you were really interested in the Mormon topic from last week. Laurie Winer of the “LA Review of Books” wrote a long and extensive (even by my verbose standards) history of Joseph Smith and the Mormon religion. Click here for the article. Spoiler Alert: Joseph Smith made a lot of shit up as he went along and was basically a criminal and charlatan.
  • Looking for meaning in a complex and confusing world, and not interested in doing the hard work of picking up a science book and learning something? Well then, I’ve got just the religion for you, dear reader! In fact, how’s this for an endorsement: If I ever decide to go to seminary, it will be for the sole purpose of achieving the priesthood in this religion. Watch the video and decide for yourself:

  • And finally, as promised, a bit of politics interjected into today’s beer and religion topics. This clip comes from the new Andrew Sorkin drama on HBO called “The Newsroom.” Click here to be re-directed to the video on YouTube. The show is fiction, but I think you’ll find plenty of reality within these 6 minutes. I think you’ll also see that this clip is about much more than politics and intersects nicely with the theme of this blog. I’d love to hear any thoughts anyone out there has, good or bad, about the video. It’s become a bit of a propaganda piece for Democrats lately, but as someone who has voted Republican many times in the past (before the party went crazy), I also think it could become a nice rallying cry for the party’s moderates. A big thanks to my friend Will for making me aware of this.
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