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A quick mid-week post… 3 interesting items

August 28, 2012

After that last Mormonism rant, feels like it’s time for a quick, short and relatively non-controversial post to share a few cool things I’ve come across so far this week:

1. I found this great “Jesus Playing Beer Pong at the Last Supper” photo being criticized on an Evangelical website, but unfortunately I have no idea who the artist is. The website refused to acknowledge their source and simply chastised the unmentioned artist for his blasphemy. (At least they didn’t issue a fatwa, so kudos for their tolerance compared to Muslims! Besides, JC is clearly dominating the other apostles, so I don’t really see what the harm is.) Anyway, I’ve decided to return the favor (in the spirit of “an-eye-for-an-eye”), so I will not be mentioning the website. But I would love to know who the artist is and give credit where it’s due, so if anybody out there knows who did this, please let me know! My google search yielded no hits.


2. Click here for a cool article from the NY Times on an interesting German tradition of “second breakfast” involving, of course, beer (heffeweizen to be exact). My wife found this article, so credit goes to her for the great find!

3. Unrelated to either beer or atheism, I got a chance to see some topless women in front of the White House on Sunday while I was biking. Definitely not something you get to see every day. This was completely by chance mind you. Hmmm… Or was it fate? (Just kidding.). Anyway, I googled it afterwards and found out that it was part of a demonstration called “Go Topless Day.” Read more about it here.

Cheers and happy doubting!



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  1. Hmm…Nice googling skills Anna, thanks, but I think Paul Ribera’s version is different. When I go to his website, his image is very close to this one, yet definitely different. In any case, I really like his stuff a lot, so glad you found this! Who’d have thunk there were multiple people doing Jesus-Beer Pong pictures?!?!

  2. Your Mother permalink

    Another website listed the artist as Frank Miller but a subsequent Google search on that listed no credible sources.
    Hobbits have second breakfasts too. Thus, I conclude that Germans must be Hobbits.
    How could the NYTimes rate Little Sumpin Sumpin only two stars? That’s just blasphemy (BAH!!!).

    • “Your Mother”: I agree completely with respect to the Lagunitas error on behalf of the NYTimes. Is it the brewery’s fault that the foolish reporter and/or “tasting panel” decided to evaluate a very clearly non-heffeweizen beer within an article focused on heffe? Little sumpin’ sumpin’ is an awesome beer and is its own thing, worthy of far more than 2 stars.

      As for your Germans = hobbits comment, that’s some impeccable logic, my friend! The association fallacy is actually one of my favorite logical fallacies since you can create some interesting examples. For example: All dogs have four legs; your cat has four legs. Therefore, your cat is actually a dog!

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