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Size or frequency? (Plus a few words on DC Beer Week)

August 20, 2012

Relax, I’m talking about this blog! (Get your mind out of the gutter.)

No picture or tome-like post today… Just a short paragraph or two on the subjects of: (1) the blog itself and (2) DC Beer Week 2012.

1. On the blog… My wife correctly pointed out that sometimes less is more, and my first two posts were a bit on the long side. Since we’re an A.D.D culture, myself included, perhaps she’s right and I should mix in some quick hits. So, consider this blog a quickie, dear reader! And let’s have some more quickies going forward, what do you say?

2. DC Beer Week 2012… A hearty congratulations to the organizers and sponsors on a successful event. It was a great introduction to the better beer bars, restaurants, and overall beer scene in my new city. I’d like to quickly mention a few of my favorite standouts from the week: On Tue., I got to experience 3 Stars Brewing for the first time. These guys make fantastic well balanced beers, and it was refreshing to try some great beer that didn’t obliterate my palate with bitterness. They make a lovely saison, porter and brown ale which I was lucky enough to try and will definitely seek out in the future. On Thu., I got to try a rare cask of DC Brau at the District Chophouse’s second annual “Cask Night.” The beer was spiced with thyme, rosemary and juniper, and was a light, yet very cloudy, ale fermented using a Belgian yeast strain. With 20 or so casks, the fact that this one was the highlight for me says a lot, especially since I’m not usually a fan of spiced beers. The DC Brau guys have yet to disappoint! And finally, kudos to Smoke & Barrel for their “Sour Saturday” event. If you’re a beer lover and you haven’t experienced sour beers yet, trust me, you’re missing out on some amazingly complex and delicious stuff! Admittedly, it’s a bit of an acquired taste, but it’s not hard to acquire and once you get there, it’s an enlightening and miraculous thing. (And you thought I wasn’t going to talk about religion on today’s blog!) If you’re looking to try a sour beer for the first time, a good place to start is a beer called Rodenbach given it’s accessibility in terms of flavor and availability. Once you get a bit more adventurous and are willing to spend a little more, for me it doesn’t get any better than Jolly Pumpkin brewery and Russian River brewery… Of course finding them, unless you’re local to the breweries, can be a bit of challenge.

Until next time, cheers and happy doubting!



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